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Published on Thursday, 13 December 2012 07:42
Written by David
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Have you had your vehicle at the dealership for servicing or repairs and been shocked at the total amount of your invoice?  Or maybe you're fed up with the dealership work standards and would like a more professional and personalised service.  At David Mullins European Auto Service, we value our clients and make an extra effort to ensure you are taken care of on a personal level. 

Our aim is to extend the life of your vehicle, so you will find that our service reports are a lot more thorough than that of most others. 

We also encourage new car buyers with a factory warranty to service their vehicles with us because we will ensure that any faults covered under your warranty will be reported to you; and in turn you may have the issue rectified by the dealer under warranty. 

With a perfectionist approach to repairing and maintaining vehicles, David Mullins European Auto Service should be your number one choice when looking after your pride and joy.  Why choose us you still ask?  Here are some reasons why you should call us today: